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I am a fulstack software engineer who has always had an eye for design, and my passion for web development started with front-end technologies. I specialize in designing visually appealing and responsive user interfaces using Bootstrap, CSS, and Tailwind CSS. I have experience with Vue.js, jQuery, React js and other front-end frameworks that allow me to deliver a seamless user experiences that keeps people engaged with the web content.

Over time, my interest in web development evolved to include back-end technologies, and I now have extensive experience with API development, database management, monolithic applications development and microservices development using Laravel, Django, Node js and Go language. I have a strong understanding of database normalization, schema design, and stored procedures in MySQL, this has allowed me to interact with both sql and nonsql databases such as mysql, msql, postgres and mongo db. I also enjoy working with Rabbit MQ, AWS API Gateway, and load balancers to ensure efficient data exchange between applications and systems.

I have also developed expertise in deployment automation, containerization, and network management. I have experience deploying software to AWS EC2 using AWS CodePipeline, and I am skilled at containerizing applications using Docker and Docker Compose. I have also worked with NGINX and Traefik for network management. I am passionate about delivering high-quality, testable and scalable software solutions that meet or exceed client expectations. Above it all I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

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